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Conchita Botines



Her initial preparation was as a teacher, but her passion for color led her to start some fairs in the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Lleida y Artes y Oficios de Tárrega, but her learning was mainly self-taught. She then obtained a diploma in Illustration for Children and Youth in the EINA Barcelona and has collaborated in workshops in the same city. For years she has taught drawing and painting, done some exhibitions, and her main love is books.

Fields, animals, landscapes, and the human environment, are her source of inspiration. Achieving a joyful encounter between the child and the nature that surrounds him.

View Conchita's portfolio at www.acuarelas-ilustraciones.com

Titles by Conchita Botines:

El arlequín y la estrella

Language: Spanish
Published: Jul 24, 2013


Las golondrinas han vuelto

Language: Spanish
Published: Jun 02, 2013


L’arlequí i l’estrella

Language: Catalan
Published: Jul 24, 2013

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