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Cecília Reñé Reñé



Cecília is a teacher with a degree in Anglo-Germanic Philology, trainer of teachers in teaching methodology for English in kindergarten and primary education. She has given many lectures on poetry in the classroom resource for teaching English as a foreign language and developed several innovative projects related to this language (Orator, CLIL and Comenius).

She is also the author of a catalan poetry book for children titled Sóc a flower, a estel a Viatger Núvol... ("I'm a flower, a star, a traveling cloud...")

She enjoys traveling, good music, playing guitar, horseback riding, playing with words, hugs, cooking, making pies, dancing, singing and smiles. Cecília is a life enthusiast.

Titles by Cecília Reñé Reñé:

El arlequín y la estrella

Language: Spanish
Published: Jul 24, 2013


L’arlequí i l’estrella

Language: Catalan
Published: Jul 24, 2013

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