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Leopoldo A. Monterrey was born in 1946 in Caracas, Venezuela. While still a young boy, his parents move to the province, where he develops a passion for nature, to which he dedicates many lines in his stories and poems. He returns to the capital to finish high school, becomes a lawyer, teaches at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and begins his career in finance.

His professional activities give him the opportunity to visit all of the countries in the Americas -residing for brief periods in New York City and Washington, DC- as well as a good part of Europe. Upon his return to Venezuela he starts writing articles for the press on financial and legal matters, and publishes his first short stories.

His first collection of stories, Mamá nunca mentía (Editorial Ateneo), is published in 1983, followed by Frutos del ocio (Ediciones Pavilo) in 2005, and Versos y otros disparates in 2007.

After retiring from the financial world, Leopoldo A. Monterrey devotes himself to agriculture, focusing on raising cattle, and becomes politically active.

Leopoldo A. Monterrey resides in Santiago de Chile since 2007.

Titles by Leopoldo A. Monterrey:

Háblame de ti
Cuentos prohibidos (no todos)
Language: Spanish
Published: Dec 06, 2012

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