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DC Broughton



DC Broughton was born in Seoul Korea, adopted by an American couple and raised in Washington State. He moved to NYC and graduated from Hunter College in 1988. He then interned briefly at Cabin Creek Films with Barbara Kopple as an editor’s assistant on the Oscar winning documentary American Dream.

In 2005 he wrote a short fictional story entitled boy for 11211 Magazine in Williamsburg Brooklyn that had incited so many emotional responses that the editor published five more of his stories until they stopped publication in 2007. During this time he wrote a number of screenplays but only one entitled, The Americans was made into a short film.

Currently, he is active in organic greenhouse farming, alternative energy, and is slowly getting back into telling stories that people might find interesting helping to open their minds to alternative ideas.

Titles by DC Broughton:

Sea & Sol

Language: English
Published: Apr 16, 2013

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