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Nicolás Soto, (Valle de La Pascua, Guárico, Venezuela, 1954), who until now has not been commercially published, is an author whose work is testimony to the uncertainties and turbulence of our time. He doesn’t shy away from the challenge of painting endless pictures that examine the world as he sees it – in sharp, sometimes caustic prose. His insights are not crippled by the extremes of either the dogma of militancy or the weakness of uncommitted observation. Rather, his prose is crafted to tell the full story of each topic he addresses. His insights are never disdaining, but they do reflect, according to Marguerite Yourcenar: “the gloomy diversity of guilt.”

His narrative is influenced by the Latin American boom of the 1960s, the Russian Classics of the nineteenth century (Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Chekhov), Jorge Luis Borges. Rómulo Gallegos, Guillermo Meneses and many, many more.

He is currently working on another novel, intent on disputing certain mythologies that, according to him, “Drowse our Latin American psyche.” He also re-examines previous works to be judged by his readers.

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Language: Spanish
Published: May 03, 2013

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