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Daniel Chapela (Caracas, 1969) is one of the main figures in Venezuela’s sports journalism. With more than twenty years experience in different communications media, he has built his reputation based on a sincere passion for unraveling the mysteries of soccer and exploring its true essence.

To fulfill his passion, at the age of twenty-five, he began to write a global exploration of soccer, travelling to far-flung corners of the world. Titled El 11 de América this book is the cornerstone of his many literary accomplishments. It paved the way to a career defined by a detailed, serious and responsible analysis of the most popular sport on the planet.

His weekly opinion columns appear in the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional. He has covered the last five World Cup soccer tournaments for several national and international media.

He was Director of Communications at the Copa America 2007 in Venezuela.  He combines his journalist duties with his work as a teacher and his interest in developing and mentoring new professionals

He is part of the DirecTV Sports group of sportscasters. Mr. Chapela is also part of the prestigious daily radio program Los Cronistas which analyzes the sports scene in Venezuela.

Both he and the sport he so loves have grown together. He has become the most important voice of soccer in Venezuela, telling the story as it evolved of a once underrated sport that now captures the attention of the whole of Venezuela.

Titles by Daniel Chapela:

Vinotinto F.C.
Radiografía de la evolución de Venezuela en el ciclo de César Farías
Language: Spanish
Published: Nov 10, 2013


El 11 de América
Vida y obra de las figuras latinoamericanas del fútbol
Language: Spanish
Published: May 21, 2013

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