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Rafael Caldera



(1916 - 2009)
Rafael Caldera, twice elected President of Venezuela, served for two five-year terms (1969-1974 and 1994-1999), becoming the longest serving democratically elected leader to govern the country in the twentieth century.

A lawyer, LL.D., he was a member of the Venezuelan Academy of Social and Political Sciences as well as of the Venezuelan Academy of the Spanish Language. A full Professor in Labor Law and Juridical Sociology at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello at Caracas, he held many Doctorates Honoris Causa as well as Honorary Professorships from over forty universities throughout the world. He was Secretary of the commission which drafted the 1936 Labor Law of his country and presided over its reform in 1989. His participation was crucial in the drawing of the Venezuelan Constitution of 1961, the most durable influence in the political history of the country. From 1979 to 1982 he was chairman of the World Inter Parliamentary Union. Among his many books are: Andrés Bello and Especificidad de la Democracia Cristiana, both translated to several languages; Derecho del Trabajo, a standard textbook on labor rights; Moldes para la Fragua, Reflexiones de la Rábida, Bolívar Siempre.

Titles by Rafael Caldera:

De Carabobo a Puntofijo
Los causahabientes - La historia de la democracia en Venezuela
Language: Spanish
Published: Aug 25, 2013

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