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Dr. Francisco Kerdel-Vegas is an internationally known dermatologist whose work and research has been awarded numerous national and international awards. He has authored five textbooks and over 150 articles in the fields of tropical and dermatological diseases.

Having done his early schooling in Caracas, he completed his medical studies at the Central University of Venezuela in 1951. Following this, he became a clinical fellow and graduate student in dermatology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, at Harvard Medical School in Boston, and he continued his dermatologic training at the New York Skin and Cancer Unit and at the New York University Postgraduate Medical School (1952-1954). He was awarded a master’s of science in dermatology and syphilology from New York University.

On his return to Caracas in 1954, he became assistant professor of dermatology at his old alma mater, the Central University of Venezuela. He was appointed professor in 1961, and was made doctor of medical sciences at this university in 1966. He then was a visiting scientist at the department of Experimental Pathology at the Institute of Animal Physiology (Agricultural Research Council, Cambridge, England), and became a member of Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

In 1968, he became the first pro-vice-chancellor of the newly created Universidad Simon Bolivar, and a member of the National Research Council of Venezuela. Life Fellow of the National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela since 1967.  In 1970, he became a member of the executive committee of the Metropolitan University, Caracas, and in the following year, 1971, he was appointed  Life Fellow of the Academy of Sciences of Venezuela. Since 1972, he has been Fellow of the American College of Physicians, in Philadelphia. He was awarded the honorary degree of D.Sc from the California College of Pediatric Medicine, in 1975. Honorary D.Sc. from the University of Cramfield, U.K.  (1998).

He has served his country of birth as Ambassador to the United Kingdom (1987-1992), France  (1995-1999) and UNESCO (1994-1999).

Titles by Francisco Kerdel-Vegas:

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Published: Jul 16, 2014

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