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Carlos J. Perkinson Naldi, born in Punta de Mata, Venezuela, in October of 1956, writes stories and poems since he was 14 years old. He wrote the editorial, articles, and poems for the corporate publication of Amazing Global for ten years. His first publication was a book of poems entitled Alas Rotas, published under the pseudonym “Payo”. In 2010 Notas Magazine, from the Society of Authors and Composers of Venezuela, published Solos en la habitación (October 2010/No. 21). In 2012 he finished among the top at the International Poetry Contest in homage to the Venezuelan poet María Calcaño. He now presents Catorce retratos en el café while announces his next book of short stories: Cuentos cortos y algunos muy cortos.

Titles by Carlos Perkinson:

Catorce retratos en el café

Language: Spanish
Published: Nov 16, 2013

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