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Fernando Celis



With over 18 years of experience as international consultant in management communications, assessment, and training for sales forces combined with coaching for the Optimal Development, he has contributed to the success of thousands of professionals in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States. He designed and implemented the curriculum for Compaq Computers International's sales force training program, used to train over 8,000 professionals.

Through his career, Fernando Celis has been recognized by companies like Compaq, Citibank, British Petroleum, IBM, AVAYA Communications, and Lafarge Cement. He is a Director of Skylar Consulting in the United States, and a Distinguished Toastmaster Member, making him a recognized motivational speaker.

Fernando has studied Architecture at the Simón Bolívar University, Design at the Art Institute, Management at Florida International University, graduated from Anthony Robbins Mastery University and is a Certified International Coach from ICC International Coaching community led by Joseph O'Conner.

Titles by Fernando Celis:

The Executive Surfer
A Journey of Discovery Toward the Miracle of Personal Transformation
Language: English
Published: June 08, 2013


El ejecutivo surfista
Un viaje de descubrimiento hacia el milagro de la transformación personal
Language: Spanish
Published: Mar 03, 2013

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