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Sylvia & Simon
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Authors: Juan Muñoz-Tébar, Mariona Cabassa
Language: English (Also available in Spanish and other languages).
Category: Children
Formats: Enhanced ebook, hardcover
Feb 14, 2013

“Quietly and gently, I tip-toe into the book Sylvia & Simon where I find myself enveloped by beautiful illustrations, lovely textures and colors.”
“A delicate love story embroidered in gold thread into our minds, stitch by stitch, so that it never leaves our memory.”
Meritxell Duran

“The book Silvia & Simon, the recounting of an endearing tale created by author Juan Muñoz Tébar, wraps us in the everlasting love between two little ones forced to separate, while the story of their friendship is enriched in both texture and consistency by the interweaving of illustrations of Mariona Cabassa.”
Brenda Bellorín | Gretel


Today Simon remembered that it was on the day he turned six that his friend Sylvia gave him a cat called Liliput. Today Simon thought about the afternoon he met Sylvia: They stared at the sky, counted clouds that looked like cows and, because it didn't rain milk, they went to play. Since that day they have been inseparable… Until today.

Today Sylvia and her family are moving to a new town. Simon is determined to find the perfect gift, a present full of happy memories.

Sylvia & Simon is available as enhanced ebook, featuring background audio, sound interactivity, and beautiful high resolution illustrations that make it an immersive experience for the whole family.

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