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A Children’s Book in the Shamanic Tradition
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Authors: Carola Castillo, Johanna Boccardo
Language: English (Also available in Spanish and other languages).
Category: Children
Formats: Enhanced ebook, paperback
Mar 21, 2013

★★★★★ “Charming and important story for little ones.”
“The wonderful illustrations in Picu make this magical tale all the more wonderful for children. My grandson loves it, and I am pleased that he is getting the message of the importance of respecting and caring for our Earth.”
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Mother Earth narrates the beautiful story of Picu, a girl who while walking happily barefoot through the forest, was given a lesson that showed her the reality of truly experiencing feeling the earth and its call for help.

Written by Carola Castillo in collaboration with her mother and daughter, Picu, is available as enhanced ebook, featuring background audio, sound interactivity, and beautiful illustrations by Johanna Boccardo that make it an immersive experience with a powerful message for the whole family.

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