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The Challenging Path to a Fulfilling Life
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Author: Jan Moller, MD
Language: English (Also available in Spanish).
Category: Self-Help
Formats: Ebook, paperback
Dec 05, 2013


Most people, at some moment in their life struggle with questions like Who am I? Why am I here? Have I come into this life to fulfill a purpose?

Even though, since ancient times, spiritual masters, mystics and philosophers have indicated that the only way to unveil the nature of life’s purpose is by knowing oneself on a deep, spiritual level, society’s upbringing and education does not provide us with sufficient self-knowledge to answer those questions. Although they have told us time and again that self-ignorance is the root cause behind most of the problems we face as individuals and as a society, “know thyself” is yet to become a priority topic in our educational system.

Living our life without knowing our purpose is like trying to reach an unknown destination without using maps: we get lost. Because of our self-ignorance, and without us being aware of it, our actions and decisions are not being guided by the wisdom of our inner being, but instead are strongly influenced by the programming or conditioning we received as children, which in most cases is unconscious and limits our capacity to live a fulfilling life.

On the other hand, when we get to know ourselves on a deeper level and our purpose becomes clearer, the closer we get to living our lives according to it, the happier we become.

This book will show you in a down-to-earth manner how to free yourself from the limitations of the past in order to obtain the freedom to be yourself. Following the book’s suggestions, you will be able to create more harmony in your family, work place and social life because you will improve the way you feel about yourself and the way you relate to other people. It will also help you not to repeat with your own children the errors committed by past generations.

But remember, the transformation doesn’t happen when you try to change yourself; it happens when you discover who you really are.

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